Monday, November 28, 2011

Blog Love: November

I can hardly believe that December is almost here! Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday. I am especially thankful for lots of great ideas being available to us all out on the grand Internet. Here are my favorites from the past month.

The Assistive Technology Blog
  • Have any students that are interested in space travel or being an astronaut? This post highlighted a new resource from NASA for teaching all learners about space science.
  • This feature shares one of the best sites out there for anyone interested in AAC (alternative and augmentative communication), AAC Intervention. This was a nice reminder to put Caroline Musselwhite's blog, AAC Girls, on my must-read list!

Differentiation Daily
  • Different days, different trays: Having just painted a section of our basement in chalkboard paint, I can attest to how fantastic it is! These trays from blogger, Miss Kindergarten, would be great for our learners who benefit from structured work systems and have the potential to be incredibly versatile. This is one I might use at home and at school - a definite dollar store delight!
  • Apps for learners with autism: This post highlights the 60 Minutes piece that focused on this topic, however I think this blog is worthy of a read on a regular basis.
First Grader ... at Last!
  • This teacher always has super fun and crafty ideas for units and how to engage her first graders. In this post, I really loved her use of visuals for the Daily Five. Kids love being the visual models for these kinds of charts!

Teaching Learners with Multiple Disabilities
  • Who doesn't have a tupperware container or Ziploc bag full of rogue picture symbols? If you're afraid to give up the beautifully laminated and velcroed items you made centuries ago, consider these ideas for putting them back to good use! My favorite was the MadLibs creation idea!
  • Mock Facebook! Need I say more?!? This is my favorite idea in A LONG TIME! This is so age appropriate, motivating, and engaging for our older students. Especially for those places where you are blocked from using Facebook or similar sites at school, this is a great way to create a parallel learning experience. Can't wait to use it with a student/team!